Getting rid of your turkey neck!

The season calls for turkey so we figured we would talk about the human ‘turkey neck’ aka the double chin!

This is perhaps the most evident sign of aging that occurs on your face (also known as submental fat). This is a common condition that is caused by the formation of a layer of fat below the chin.

This can be associated with weight gain but it can also affect people who have normal weight. Regardless the cause, a turkey neck is known to affect your appearance. Bottom line, this can affect your self-esteem and make you feel less confident about yourself.

Most people believe the only way to eliminate the turkey neck is by having plastic surgery, not anymore!

Introducing the Inmode Minifx, the ultimate body and face shaping technology that can contour your chin/neck and enhance your appearance to reveal tighter, slimmer, well-toned and younger looking skin.

The Minifx is designed to manage those small yet ‘problematic bulges’ on the body and face. It is a small hand-piece device that is strong enough to correct the facial contour by using radio-frequency energy to destroy unwanted fat. It is a highly-effective and non-invasive technique that harnesses the amazing powers of radio-frequency rays. When combined with negative pressure massage and deep tissue heating, is the perfect combination to treat a double chin. This provides a mix of gentle massage which will kill off fat cells and stimulates tissue contraction. The Minifx is designed to promote the production of collagen in the skin.

Minifx is said to eliminate 40% more fat than Coolsculpting mini, with the added benefit of skin tightening.

The overall benefits of Minifx:

No downtime

Painless procedure

Fast results

Non-invasive treatment


Improves skin health

Interested in contouring your chin and jawline with Minifx?

Contact us!


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