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Urinary Incontinence

Votiva is an FDA-approved treatment used for vaginal tissue restoration. It is a non-surgical, non-hormonal, pain-free office procedure using radio-frequency (heat, not laser) to restore vaginal moisture, enhance sexual sensation and tighten relaxed vaginal tissues, as well as improving mild to moderate urinary incontinence.

Number of Treatments: 3  

Average time for procedure: 45 minutes

Sessions: Every two weeks to one month

Recovery Time: No downtime

Votiva by InMode offers treatment of symptoms which affect the way you travel (urinary urgency), exercise (stress incontinence), have intercourse sex (pain due to dryness) or even laughing (stress incontinence). Women are commonly affected by hormonal changes associated with menopause. In addition, many women who have delivered a child vaginally have limits or changes in their lifestyle because of urinary stress incontinence or urgency symptoms.

Here at Kettman Aesthetics Center Medical Spa, we offer an non-invasive way to help women's feminine health and overall quality of life by offering Votiva, an advanced treatment which is FDA approved.

There are two distinguishing facts that describe Votiva which sets it apart from all other devices used for vaginal revitalization. First and foremost is the fact that Votiva is the only FDA cleared device to treat urinary incontinence and symptoms such as vaginal dryness, loss of vaginal and vulvar sensitivity. Second is the use of bipolar radio-frequency. While other devices utilize laser or monopolar radio-frequency, Votiva uses two different wands- the FormaV and FractoraV, each designed for treatment of specific areas. The advanced and unique bipolar design allows each wand to deliver radio-frequency energy in a safe, uniform and efficient manner. It is the only device that uses real time temperature display allowing the tissues to reach the necessary temperature to stimulate collagen and elastin formation. More importantly, this mechanism delivers the energy safely.

The FormaV wand is designed to treat the vaginal canal as well as the labia minor, clitoris and urethral opening. Using heat to remodel the tissues, conditions such as labial hypertrophy (enlarged labia minora) can be treated. As the tissues are comfortably heated to a temperature required to stimulate the tissues to manufacture collagen and elastin, increased vascularity in the walls of the vaginal canal results in less dryness and a tightening of lax tissues. It will also relieve some of the urinary urgency symptoms or stress incontinence associated with normal activity such as laughing or exercising. The FractoraV wand is designed for bulk heating so is used primarily to remodel the labia majora.

What patients can expect to feel is a heating/warming sensation during the treatment. There is little to no downtime. While many patients have slight discomfort during/immediately after the treatment, some patients experience no discomfort at all.

The results you can expect from Votiva treatments are immediate changes; even after one 30 minute treatment session, you will start to experience the benefits of Votiva. Every Votiva treatment regimen is personally tailored to your specific goal and concerns.


In order to achieve optimal results, we recommend a series of three treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. After the initial treatment, patients typically experience immediate changes but more substantial relief of symptoms occur after the second treatment. There is no downtime with this treatment. Your results are best maintained with semi-annual or yearly maintenance treatments. 

Kettman Aesthetics Center is excited to be the first practice in Waterloo to offer Votiva – the latest and most innovative technology on the market for feminine rejuvenation.

Restore youthfulness both internally and externally. Let Kettman Aesthetics Center help you regain your confidence back!

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