Vampire Facial®

The Vampire Facial® is a fairly painless procedure that creates the youthful, rejuvenating effects of a face-lift without having surgery. This is a simple in office procedure that uses PRP (platelet-rich plasma) technology which is extracted from blood then mixed with different dermal fillers to give patients a revitalized look.

Treatment Sessions: For best results 2-8 sessions

Cost: $ 800 per session

Average time for procedure: 90 minutes

Recovery Time: Up to 1 day

Discover the Fountain of Youth

The Vampire Facial® uses platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP which is extracted from your blood. The blood is rich in platelets that have extremely high levels of growth factors. When applied to your skin, these growth factors help in boosting cell turnover rate. The growth factors boost collagen and elastin production and increase the skin’s hydration levels. They also infuse your skin with antioxidants. This procedure also improves the absorbing power of your skin – which means your skin can absorb other skin care products better.

PRP technology is one of the latest trends in beauty and skincare because of its ability to stimulate new cellular growth, purportedly improving skin tone and texture, smoothing fine lines and even promoting hair growth.

The Vampire Facial® is a noninvasive skin treatment option which is fairly painless. It helps enhance the look and feel of facial skin, reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, restores facial contour, rejuvenate younger tissue, improves the skin’s elasticity and enhances the tone and texture of your skin.

The steps for a Vampire Facial® produces results in three different steps:

  1. The skin care professional will first draw out blood from your body.

  2. They will then extract platelets from your blood. They spin the blood at a fast pace using a centrifuge to separate its layers. The plasma rich in platelets is extracted from it.

  3. These platelets are then applied to your skin through micro-needling or microdermabrasion. When the platelets are applied, they trick your skin into thinking that it is injured, making it produce more collagen.

This procedure helps to:

  • Improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

  • Improve your skin texture

  • Reduce the size of the skin pores

  • Improve the appearance of acne scars

  • Improve the plumpness of your skin

  • Give you a youthful glow and smooth skin

  • Improve the effectiveness of skin care products

More often, for best results two to eight sessions are recommended, spaced around four weeks apart. Recovery may take anywhere from five days to a week. After the facial, your skin continues to regenerate for at least three months. The overall effect of the facial may last for about a year (or more).


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